Hero Flix

General Inforamtion

Producing a movie shouldn’t be too hard. All you need is the right talent, the right props, maybe some extras, at least one good location, and you should be good to go! Unless someone sabotages your plans or something unexpected happens.

In Hero Flix, you take on the role of a movie director. You are trying to Complete a Production which will earn you money! That’s what all studios want to see. When you reach $100 (million), you win!

While working towards Completing a Production, there are opportunities to increase the value of your production or impact the production of other players. Some examples include:

  • joining in their success (joining them as a Co-Producer),
  • lowering the value (through a Smear Campaign), or
  • preventing them from Completing the Production this turn (via an Injunction).

How you use these opportunities is up to you.

Notes on Game Play

Hero Flix enables you to change the strategy level by removing some cards from the game. We break these styles into three “Budget Levels”:

  • “B Movie” — there is a low chance of influencing another player so everyone can get something made (it just may not be as interesting as another grade of movie),
  • “Major Motion Picture” — you have some chance for influencing another player…or being the target of some sort of actions, and
  • “Summer BlockBuster” — productions will get influenced unless you are doing it wrong. This is how the game was designed to be played.

The current version is designed for 2-6 players ages 13 and up. When first starting, a game can take 2 hours, but experienced players will see games take an hour.