Game Library

This is what you are here for!

We have a few games in various stages of design. You can find a synopsis below (and possibly a link if the game is far enough along in development).

Hero Flix

Producing a movie shouldn’t be too hard, right?

In Hero Flix your goal is to earn $100 (million) by making super hero movies. The “problem” is that the competing directors see the same available movie plots and are trying to finish them as well.


Governing a country should be fun…if you can prevent it from falling into chaos.

Your political party has been elected to help run a country. Governance puts you in as your party’s elected official where you’ll need to work with the other political parties to try to keep the country from toppling into chaos. Can you do so for the next decade?

Governance is still in a early- to mid-design stage. It is a cooperative game, at least until the end. Points are awarded along the way. End game scoring includes bonus points for reaching certain goals for your “political party”.

We’re working on updates to Governance and will have it at Gen Con 2019 in the Playtester’s Hall.


You work for an advertising company and are tasked with coming up with a commercial that will net the best profit. There’ll be more opportunities coming up soon, but be careful to stay under budget.

Blipvert is still in the mid-design stage. It’s intended as a fast-paced set completion and resource management game where players are using their marketing budgets to produce a commercial for a product. All players are working on the same advertising campaign and they will all get paid at the end of the round. But luck and strategy must be balanced to pull ahead.

Blipvert may be ready for playtesting sometime in 2018. We will shall see how things go.